Toys For Home Office Owners

1. Get everything done in your office with Apple iPad the 2017 model

new ipad 2017 review

Have you ever been in a home office and clients are calling to see what you have installed for them but then you remember you don’t have an iPad to video call? Or you feel bored in the office and want to sit on the balcony and work from there but you have a bulky desktop. Well, worry no more because this gadget solves those problems.

2. Have yourself updated about your next meeting with a client by Amazon Echo plus

echo plus review

Working for long periods is so exhausting hence one needs a break from work that will make you at least recover some energy that was lost. But then having nothing to keep you busy during the break is not good because you may have yourself diverting your attention away and in turn have many things go wrong in the office. This device has the solution because you will just need to stream your favorite song in the office to get you get your focus back.

3. Call your clients with Logitech 1080p webcam that has will not have noise distractions

logitech 1080p webcam review

Have you ever been working in a home office and you have a presentation you are working on and expecting some a client but he does not come for one reason or another but still wants you to present it in a video call. It is always embarrassing to use a camera that is not clear in such a situation keeping in mind this must be a very important client you wanted to impress. This should not happen again because this gadget is the best when it comes to video calling and also recording and the embarrassment will be gone.

4. Keep track of your notes with Logitech K480

logitech k480 review

Have you ever been in a home office working on a very important thing with your desktop computer and the lights are out and you remember that the generator broke down and you forgot to call the repair company, this can be a very stressing thing because you will be forced to stop and wait for the lights. With this device, you should never stop working because this device can also be used with a tablet and you will not need to stop working.

5. Make your office tidy with multipurpose silicone cable holder

cable holder clip

Have you ever been a home office then you realize that the table you are working on is much squeezed and cables are all over? This happens and it is very irritating because these cables cannot be folded anyhow to avoid spoiling. No more irritation because this office gadget has come to save on the space and keep the office table tidy.

6. Synchronize three machines with Logitech wireless mouse

logitech wireless mouse review

Have you ever been in a situation that you want to transfer documents from your laptop to your pc and you start looking for flash drives? On getting the flash drives you realize that they may be having too small space to transfer the document you want, it is so stressing. Well with this gadget you don’t need the flash drives because as it can be used in three machines it can also copy paste documents from one machine to the other hence saves you from cracking your head thinking how you would transfer the document.

7. Light your office with power add touch sensitive led desk lamp

smart desk lamps

Have you ever been working in your home office then there comes a blackout. This is so disappointing because you will be forced to stop working. Or have a lighting source that is so bright in that it affects your eyes while working? Well, worry no more because with this device you can minimize the brightness and also it has a battery that lasts for five to seventy hours, hence your problems are solved.

8. Safely keep your schemes of work with Wacom Bamboo spark smart folio

wacom bamboo spark smart folio review

In a home office set up, you may have schemes of work or any other paperwork that you may need later. It is always stressful to find such a paper after some weeks because it can be misplaced. This gadget that is bundled with its high tech ball pen and its case when connected to a device it backups whatever is being written on it which solves your problem of losing a piece of paper.

9. Amplify noise from the surroundings with wireless noise cancellation earbuds

earbuds best

Have you ever been in your home office working but your kids are playing and yelling at each other loudly or even your neighbor’s kids are out playing? You decide on buying earbuds you can’t receive calls with? Well, the solution to all your problem is here because this gadget amplifies noise and keep you in a cool environment and also you can receive a call with it in a very noisy environment and communicate efficiently.

10. Have all your devices connected to a strong Wi-Fi system by eero

eero wifi review

Have you ever been working in your home office and wants to upload documents or send some documents to a client but your Wi-Fi is failing? Or you might be uploading urgently needed videos but the network is taking forever to upload them, this is the worst thing that happens in an office set up. Well with this device you can have your documents sent to your clients very fast and also upload documents very fast.