Only Cameras For YouTubers

Here is a list of the best top ten cameras for YouTube


1. With canon SX610HS you get quality videos with an optical zoom of 18 times

canon sx610hs review

Have you ever gone out hiking have fun with friends or family and decided to take videos so as to add them to your YouTube channel but later realize that you left some camera cables in the house? Well, this camera is here to give a solution because it does not need a cable connection.

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2. Enjoy taking pictures and videos of the rain with this waterproof GoPro HERO3+ camera

gopro hero3+ review

It is always disappointing when you are out with friends hiking then while taking videos you camera shuts off due to low charge in the battery when you want to capture the best moments. Here is a solution to your disappointment, this camera has a rechargeable battery that lasts for a long period.

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3. With canon SX600HS you can have snapshots as you take a video

canon sx600hs review

Posting a video on your YouTube channel and receiving good comments is the best feeling ever but having comments like “poor quality video” is the worst feeling. It’s high time that you stop this disappointing comments, with this camera you are assured to get quality videos having been shot with the sixteen-megapixel camera.

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4. Experience a continuous shooting of pictures with Canon EOS Rebel T5

canon eos rebel t5 review

Have you ever been in a situation that everything is happening too fast, you want to capture every bit of the scene but your camera has a low processor? Well, this camera has a Digic 4 processor that speeds up the process of the camera and ensures no scene escapes.

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5. Experience quality videos shot under twenty-four megapixel with Nikon D3300

nikon d3300 review

Have you ever gone for camping where the only source of light is the fire and as a YouTube blogger you want to have the night scene video in your channel but then you remember that your camera has poor videos in low light? Well, this camera is the solution to your problem because it has quality videos even in low light.

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6. With Canon EOS Rebel T6 enables one to have a professional style of shooting videos for your channel

canon eos rebel t6 review

Have you ever been in a situation where you have taken pictures and shot videos but still want some more but your camera storage is out? This is so disappointing but finally, the solution is here, the camera is bundled with both thirty-two GB and sixteen GB transcend memory card.

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7. Experience a 4K ultra HD resolution with Panasonic Lumix ZS100

panasonic lumix zs100 review


It is always awkward to have a camera that uses buttons to capture images and that moment you want to capture an image or want to start shooting a video the buttons stops responding. Well, it happens but with a camera that has LCD touch screen the problem is solved.

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8. Experience the best video shot with Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ1000 that shots videos at a speed of 0.09seconds

panasonic lumix dmc-fz1000 review

Having a camera to shot videos is a good thing but some images need to be edited in order to make the video look nice and attract the attention of the viewer. Then this is the best camera for editing images. This is because has a Wi-Fi with NFC, therefore, you can download photo collage app that will enable you to edit your video before posting it on your YouTube channel.

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9. Enjoy shooting videos and taking pictures with Canon XA10 which is well built

canon xa10 review

Holding a camera while shooting a video or taking pictures at times is always a challenge. This is because the camera can be too big to grip or too small that your fingers may slip at the front of the lens. Well, this camera is a solution for it has a handle for handheld shots.

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10. Enjoy outdoor video shot with Sony α7R that has a dust resistant body

sony α7r iii review

Have you ever bought a camera and on shooting a video you switch it off instead of saving the video due to poor positioning of its buttons? Well, the solution is here with this camera that has well-positioned buttons for easy use.

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